moJOsh Coaching

moJOsh Coaching (One to One)

ne of the best ways to improve thinking is through coaching! Coaching for Performance offers a flexible approach to designing a development program for your people with a focus on building coaching capability. Selecting from a range of modules your organisation can deliver short sharp targeted development in a single module program or tailor a more substantial program over a period of months with multiple modules. We view moJOsh coaching as the opportunity to improve the thinking capability of people to THINK BETTER about their THINKING , THOUGHT PROCESS, MENTAL MAPS, BELIEFS and BEHAVIOURS to ultimately drive sustainable prime performance. Development programs are tailored to capability requirements of the organisation and THE INDIVIDUAL and include our signature moJOsh Inspirator® process together with a dynamic integrated approach to learning that lasts.

Based on Jerry’s personal education, experience and exposure as a Life / Executive/ Performance Coach to senior leaders around the world and coaching high performing professionals in Fortune 500 organisations, we have identified the following key modules that can be tailored to design a development program that will build the coaching and thinking capabilities of your leaders.

Module 1:

Establishing a High Performance Framework Course Outline: One of the biggest challenges for those responsible for leading others is the ability to manage the conflicting priorities that emerge on a daily basis. Responsible for the outcomes of others, most managers get stuck ‘fighting fires’ throughout the day and struggle to find the time for the ‘doing’ parts of the role they are responsible for. This program teaches the core processes and structure that are imperative to managing people effectively and sets up a framework to transform even the most challenging team member.

Learning Outcomes:

1) Process & Structure:Managing others requires a consistent structure & process to ensure clarity & accountability. Our multi-dimensional moJOsh Learning framework will help you set up process & structure that will make you a more efficient & effective manager.

2) Clear Expectations:For you and for your team are essential when managing and holding others accountable. Learn a simple framework to ensure expectations are clear and use this to manage the performance of your people. 3) Support Framework: Identify the critical elements required to coach & support your team and learn how to integrate that into your day. 4) Leverage Others: Leading a team is about more that you. Learn how to leverage the power of others when leading your team.

Module 2:

moJOsh Coaching – The Fundamentals Course Outline: Often the most basic skills are presumed, however research and observations in the workplace shows us that core communication skills critical to being a GREAT coach are rarely practiced. This program reconnects participants with the important of these skills and practically demonstrates their power when utilised in a coaching capacity. In addition, we look at your responsibilities as a coach and teach some simple tools to ensure you achieve your coaching outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:

1) The Coaching Plane Crash: We look at all the things that can go wrong, the obstacle, the hardships, the distrust, when coaching others and set clear expectations around your role as a coach.

2) Back to Basics: Powerful observation, questioning & listening skills are critical to coaching success. Understand why and commit to actions that will make this the most important part of your coaching toolkit.

3) Coaching Flexibility: One person can have different needs depending on the task they are completing. Learn the importance of identifying the coaching needs of your people and match your style to their needs.

4) Coaching Roadblocks: We all have blocks when it comes to communicating challenging messages. Practice the skills it takes to ensure you equip to handle these roadblocks as they arise.

Topics and Themes:
  1. Life Coaching
  2. Executive Coaching
  3. Performance Coaching
  4. Goal-Setting
  5. Leadership Mindset, and Behaviours Coaching
  6. Public Speaking Coaching
  7. Leadership Communication and Conversations Coaching
  8. Image Management Coaching

All programs can be customized and personalized according to the client’s requirement. If you have any questions regarding the Programs, you may contact our Co-ordinator, Jugnu Grewal Almeida on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These are specialist programs designed by Jerry and he is a subject matter expert for all these themes.