Jerry's Writings and Insights

How I start my day: Jeroninio Almeida

Don’t just wake up, go for your bath and rush to work. For then, that’s how your life will be: rushed..Read more

The world's largest Democracy and/or Hypocrisy!

I do not like celebrating #RepublicDay as I feel that today we should reflect more rather than celebrate. Republic Day for most is to hoist a flag, play some games, eat some Samosas..Read more

The Dirty Business of War

The Dirty Business Of War - the war cry of the west #WarOnTerrorism is one of the biggest misconception and lie, peddled by USA and other countries that survive and thrive on the business of war..Read more

1.3 B Important (Not Impotent) Indians

In the past few years politicians have misled us by claiming ‘I am the only one who can lead India’. These pseudo-leaders are actually telling Indians, we are Impotent..Read more

Great Organisation @Learning (Go@L)

Great leaders transform toxic cultures by empowering, involving, listening, appreciating, challenging, supporting, mentoring and coaching people potential. They value hard work, honesty..Read more

Duc In Altum To Realise Your Dreams

Remember in the journey of life, everyone gets broken at some time and more. When broken, most give up and BREAK-DOWN, few persevere and BREAK-THROUGH..Read more

Right Every Wrong, Don’t Defend Wrongs!

In mid-2016, I was commissioned to co-author Mann Ki Baat, a book based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio talk. In the book, I shared insights on nation-building, to counter and..Read more

Missionary Entrepreneur

I am sharing insights from my recent talk at the Startup Buddy conclave where I shared about 7 classic mistakes entrepreneurs make, the paradigm-shift for entrepreneurial mind-grind..Read more

Beyond Just Giving

The real joy of giving is about having a win-win mindset, by making right, every wrong, says JERONINIO ALMEIDA who started the Joy of Giving movement a decade ago..Read more

The Real Meaning of Jugaad

In early 2009, I was invited by Manish Gada (name changed for ethical reasons), MD of a Fortune 500 MNC Medical Devices Company to deliver an inspirational talk at the annual leadership gathering..Read more

Random Reflections on Gandhi Jayanti - Please Cry for our beloved country!

Where the eye is without tear and the head hung low in shame, where killing cows is banned and slaughtering humans is encouraged, where we worship statues of goddesses and kill the girl child..Read more

My Friend And Foe, Manohar Parrikar!

I first met Manohar at an august gathering in August 2011, after he expressed a desire to meet me. Manohar had informed my friends Ricardo Rebello and Armando Gonsalves that he would like to meet..Read more

Success=Contribution With Character And Not Just Career

Success is not just about career-climbing, fame and fortune, but about inspiring solid character as champions of change by creating positive contributions, innovation & impact..Read more