The Hero In Me

The Hero in Me (THiME) is a Flagship Inspirational Oratory program to understand Individual Peak Potential. It is a High energy INSPIRATIONAL Talk/ Workshop with real stories and adds real values to help people DISCOVER AND UNLEASH THE HERO WITHIN. There is a DEFINITE WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME. Jerry has delivered this program the world over to everyone from the age group of 7 to 70 + which includes corporate executives, business leaders, students and teachers. It has always received overwhelming response and makes a great IMPACT!

THIME is a talk that Jerry delivers over half a day or more wherein the audience is spell bound and on the edge of their chairs. Besides the highly inspirational talk that makes people STAND UP and WANT TO UNLEASH THEIR POTENTIAL, it also haS a simple but powerful tools & skills workshop, built into the program to help people DISCOVER & UNLEASH THE HERO within.

THIME as an INSPIRATIONAL ORATORY & WORKSHOP is divided into 3 segments.

1. The Journey of a Hero (What does it take to be a Hero and How can one unleash the Heroic Potential and Birth Gift that everyone is blessed with)

- The Meaning of Heroism: Demystifying heroism and what heroic character means to help people understand that it is the small significant actions that unleash the hero in us.

- The Discovery of a Character: How a Personality rooted in Character is much more sustainable, than a personality which is just a show. The need for understanding our most vital roles and the responsibilities in each role. The need to focus on our most critical goals and then plan and execute realistic, practical, achievable, measurable and time -bound goal setting with personal and professional accountability.

- The Power of Purpose: How success is possible and achievable when it is centered on a purpose.

- How Volunteering builds great Initiative? It has been scientifically proven that any small voluntary act helps build more initiative in people.

- The Influence of Human Values: How guiding principles and human values help human beings to unleash their heroic potential.

- The Comfort Zone exit: How to move out and stretch a little everyday to be more and do more.

- How selfishness can be a virtue: if our actions are fulfilled for the greater good then a better society for all also benefits me and my family.Hence creating a better world is not altruistic but a selfish responsibility as our loved ones and future generations have to live in the same world.

- Karishma:The Miracle & the Joy of Transformation: How each and all of us is born with gifts (self-awareness, consciousness, creative imagination and free spirit) that we need to open and unleash our potential.

- The need to feel grateful and happy: Thoughts about how people stifle their happiness and gratitude by not being grateful and happy for what they have.

2. Master Storytelling – Stories of Real Heroes who are mere mortals and ordinary people like all of us, but have UNLEASHED their extraordinary potential to make a difference and find their greatness, through their small , simple but significant actions done with great love.

The abovementioned themes and concepts for the Journey of a Hero are then supported with powerful compelling TRUE stories of REAL HEROES, which are told in the first person. These are stories of people who are disabled, are poor, are uneducated and have several shortcomings and yet have experienced THE MIRACLE which lies within each of us and gone beyond the ordinary. These are stories of people who have opened their gifts and keep opening more everyday to push and uncover their hidden potential that will also compel you to do the same in your life. These are stories of people who have faced and withstood all adversity and broken free from the shackles of the mind. These stories will amaze, inspire and challenge you to unlock your gifts and go beyond to unleash your heroic potential. These are stories of people that have been researched and told by Jerry in his books. Jerry brings the stories to life and compels you to to dig in deep to explore your own potential with his powerful storytelling and oratory skills and the stories inspire and instigate action. You shall be left with only 1 CHOICE and 1 INTENT – Yes I can do it too. Because if they can do it, I CAN too.

3. Heroic Potential Workshop: Skills, Tools, Techniques and powerful ideas to help unleash your heroic potential. These are simply stupendous and easy tools and techniques to practice and implement to unleash your heroic potential. These tools and techniques which involve the principles of Neuroscience, NLP, EnneaGram and other modern and ancient sciences, have been simplified and made practical by Jerry so that each of you can use it on a day to day basis. Jerry has done a lot of work on human and heroic potential and has shared ideas with living legends like Dr. Phil Zimbardo (the foremost authority on heroism), John Graham of Giraffe Heroes, John Grinder and Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and Dr. Richard McHugh (the best EnneaGram, Vipassana and NLP teacher). There is a sure fire what’s in it for me. After this talk and workshop, everyone shall be raring to go and walk the path less trodden to achieve optimum potential and think and act differently to differential results in all dimensions of your life.

Delivery Method: Compelling oratory and storytelling, Inspiring Videos, Simple Exercises and powerful thoughts & techniques that are not just mind-changing but also can be life changing if people practice the hero in me learning with the simple tools and techniques.

All programs can be customized and personalized according to the client’s requirement. If you have any questions regarding the Programs, you may contact our Co-ordinator, Jugnu Grewal Almeida on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These are specialist programs designed by Jerry and he is a subject matter expert for all these themes.