Beyond LIP Service CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) needs to be an integral part of a business model and not just lip service or corporate communications and a PR opportunity. For over a decade now Jerry has been consulting with several Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and Indian Businesses including PSUs/ SMEs to help them with their Humane Business and Going Beyond CSR strategies.

One of the first promoters of involved and ethical CSR in India, he was also invited by the late Mr. Subir Raha to conduct the first workshop on CSR for the UN Global Compact India members. Today Jerry has created several cutting edge Humane Business Strategies and has addressed Business Leaders in global conferences organised by World Economic Forum, Rotary International, Lions International, BNI, and Toastmasters on the need to move beyond Lip Service CSR and do something that has a long and lasting Impact.

In 2018 Jerry addressed over 1000 leaders from over 70 countries in the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) organized by the Global Resource Alliance organisation,  on sustainable development and humane business strategies and going beyond CRS. IFC had delegates from Business Corporations, INGOs, UN Organizations and Foundations like Rockefeller, Ford, Macarthur, BMGF, Dell and others. Together with Anu Aga (the first private business leader in India to contribute 2% of profits to social causes) in 2009 he launched the Humane Business Movement to promote the idea of businesses donating 2% and adopting CSR as an integral part of the business model and business plan. He advices several advertising and marketing agencies like Lintas, BBDO, Publicis, The Ideaworks, Omnicom to design Cause Related Marketing campaigns and events.

CSR Workshops

Catching Sustainable Resources is an incredible practical workshop that enables you to learn, discern, plan and implement ideas, concepts and strategies within the circle of Corporate Social Responsibility…creating an edge on service delivery patterns and systems.

15 years ago through the THE JOY OF GIVING Movement Jerry helped raise huge funds for several causes in India . His innovative Donor loyalty programme- ‘Karma Mitra’, became a classic case study for several charities and corporate foundations. The  CSR workshop led by Jerry is primarily aimed at those in leadership roles within corporates and agencies. It would be especially useful to those with direct responsibility for a company’s sustainability implementation and, as well as those who are looking to increase their organisation’s profile, competitiveness and profitability through corporate social responsibility training.

Jerry shares practical and innovative strategies on Sustainable Business Innovations and Sustainability Thought Leadership knowledge with the goal of inspiring more people about the benefits of integrating corporate responsibility into profitable business. He helps you learn from market assessment, CSR analysis and developing a sustainability strategy, right through to every aspect of CSR implementation, labour framework, health & safety and sustainability reporting, and will enable your business to maximise its sustainability potential- while intelligently managing the risk.

He believes that it’s very essential to understand a company’s corporate culture which is the key to understanding its behaviour in relation to its sustainability. So the more transparent you are, the more trusted you will be. And it’s clear that the more sustainable you are, the more you will reduce your risk exposure in the market!

All programs can be customized and personalized according to the client’s requirement. If you have any questions regarding the Programs, you may contact our Co-ordinator, Jugnu Grewal Almeida on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These are specialist programs designed by Jerry and he is a subject matter expert for all these themes.