Joy Of Giving

The Joy of Giving movement was conceptualised and created by Jerry in 2003 to encourage philanthropy for social justice (which in a nutshell means equal opportunity and fairness for one and all). The Joy Of Giving Mission over the years has created a huge mindset change at a mass level and more people in India have now begun getting involved with social causes and also supporting the right causes. The idea is to practice INDIVDUAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (ISR) another term coined and popularized by Jerry.

In this talk Jerry talks about the power of gratitude and how gratitude and giving changes everything for human beingS. And how people gain more holistically when they give. Jerry explains the neuroscience of Giving and how GIVING truly creates REAL HAPPINESS from INSIDE-OUT. To make the LEARNING ALIVE AND ENGAGING, he gives real life examples and conducts free-hand LIVE activities and interactive conversations with the audience to demonstrate how the happy chemicals work and explains the science in-depth.

Jerry has addressed several companies and business houses with this talk in their Gratitude week function, Diversity & inclusion week functions and at other annual gatherings oragnised by UN, Lions, Rotary, Round Table, GMIC, International Fundraising Congress, etc. He is often invited to write on THE JOY OF GIVING by several magazines/ newspapers and given below is a piece he wrote for "Speaking Tree" in The Joy of Giving week. This feature is one of the few chosen articles chosen and published internationally, in the bestselling book of anthologies, titled "How to create Miracles in your Daily Life". This book has two features by Jerry (amongst the 30 articles featured in the book) which were sought by the publisher and featured along with other articles by world renowned spiritual leaders and thinkers.