In 2014 Jerry also influenced and inspired the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - the Clean India Mission . Keeda Hai Kya to Clean India? For years since 2003, Jerry who has been speaking on ethical leadership in B-schools, IAS academies and corporate offices, has been taking people to clean the streets to help us understand human values like humility, simplicity and dignity of labour and fulfill our fundamental duties. In mid 2014 he began influencing the current PMO through his friends in BJP (people like Mr. Manohar Parrikar who along with Mr. Armando Gonsalves and Jerry began the mission of cleaning the creeks of Goa) and through social media to awaken people to clean India and thus began the Swachh Bharat Mission and Challenge. We need to cleanse from deep within and not just clean superficially. Keeda Literally means insect. However in local slang used in Bombay- the Maximum City of India, Keeda denotes over enthusiasm or the zeal to walk on the path less trodden. Variation: Suleimani Keeda (Big Keeda). “Eg. He has a Keeda (or Suleimani Keeda) to always stand up, speak out and do the right thing.”. The idea of Keeda Hai Kya is to clean the country of all social ills, evils and bad traditions. #KeedaHaiKya Desh Saaf Karne Ka (a long term initiative to clean and cleanse India by addressing dirtiness, lack of dignity, eve teasing , hunger, corruption and all social ills and evils) . We feel humbled that #ShriNarendraModi is now influenced and inspired by our humble idea to make this a mandatory national movement and has adopted our idea to invite, influence, inspire and challenge #citizensofIndia to #cleanIndia and #cleanseIndia through #SwachhBharatAbhiyan which has taken the country by storm.