From: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2015 10:50 AM
To: ‘Jeroninio Almeida’
Subject: Continue your noble work and keep walking tall.
Dear Jeroninio,
Namaste once again. I had heard about you and your path breaking work from several people as mentioned in my earlier mail. However meeting you and listening to you was an absolutely astonishing and very humbling experience. I am inspired by very few people in my life and today I can admiringly say that you are one of those chosen few.
I had decided to nominate you for one of the prestigious Padma national awards, but I was told that you do not accept any awards and after meeting you understood your position on awards. Thus I shall not insist with you, but do hope you would consider my request to accept your nomination. I was sharing thoughts about you with Mr. Lyngdoh and we had mutual agreement, that you are a true proponent of your mojosh and karma learning and truly live the principled life by choice. I feel that like the real heroes in your books, you also are a reclusive, reticent and reluctant hero and also a bigger hero discoverer.
You are slowly but peacefully and ethically exercising righteous, revolutionary ideas, speeches and writings to make a sustainable difference in our world. Jerry, I absolutely agree with everyone who tells me that you are a master mojosh Inspirator. In fact, I would like to christen you as the master mojosh monk.
All your ideas and initiatives like joy of giving, right every wrong, just another volunteer Rex, Karmaveer awards, mojosh inspirator leadership learning are simple but ground breaking ideas, which are highly inspiring and compelling. All your writings and thought leadership promote mindful action and inspire one to be the change. I also have an imposing intuition that our International Volunteering Olympiad (and I say “our”, since I feel privileged that you invited me to be part of your mission as an ambassador), will become the much needed game-changer. This will surely influence our next generation to become champions of change for India, as outlined in your presentation.
I am extremely encouraged and inspired with all your Karma Kurry stories and the thoughts in your mojosh leadership learning notes, which you shared with me for feedback. To encapsulate my feedback for the learning in your mojosh inspirator notes , I simply have a dozen words “The learning is awe-inspiring and simply potent to positively impact all humankind”.
I am delighted to note that many of your powers and virtues, are values advocated by me in my books. Thank you for seeking my feedback and acknowledging my writings and me in your mojosh inspirator learning notes.
To conclude, as I reflect about all your significant contributions for a progressive society and humanity, I feel what people say about you is inadequate and too little. Mere words are not enough to describe all the extraordinary work, silently and selflessly implemented over the years. Please do continue with your noble work and never give in to any hardships or obstacles, which you will continue to face in your chosen path of rectitude. Continue marching ahead and keep walking tall.
You can count on me. I am with you as your ambassador and more as “Just Another Volunteer”, in all your magnificent mojosh endeavours. I look forward to many more conversations over coffee and black tea with you.
Yours sincerely
APJ Abdul Kalam
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
10, Rajaji Marg
New Delhi - 110011