To borrow a term from Jerry’s associate and fellow trainer Mr. Hariharan Iyer, Jerry is a trainer, singer, wry humour stand -up comic and lives up to the spirit if EnterTrainer. In his speeches or training programs, one never has a dull moment and is always on the edge with his thought provoking insights, ready wit, plain speak and a great sense of humour. Given below is a endorsement by The late Mr. Subir Raha, the legendary Business Leader and former CMD of ONGC. Mr. Subir Raha commented about Jerry in his feedback, after Jerry’s keynote address for the first UN Global Compact meeting in India. Quote, “Jerry we get full value for money with you as our consultant. Besides getting great insights from you in the workshop, you also made the evening gathering pleasant and mirthful with your soulful singing and light hearted humor. In the midst of an intensive lecture, session where you are inspiring us with your eloquent concepts and insights on CSR and Humane Capitalism, we also got complimentary doses of laughter, thanks to your delightful tongue in cheek but wicked sense of humour. Jerry you not only outclass most Motivational Speakers, but you also stand out and can hold your own in any international stand-up comic act.” Unquote. In a recent leadership workshop overseas, Mr. Abby Jamal CMD of ZXY International MNC Buying House with operations in London, Dubai, Bangladesh, Europe and the US reflected “Jerry not only mesmerizes you with his powerful oratory and brilliant insights but also regales everyone during dinner in the evening with his pithy thoughts, witty humour and true anecdotes from around the world”