Oprah’s invitation to feature Jeroninio Almeida, in her global TV show.

In 2011, Oprah Winfrey and her office wrote to Jerry and wanted to feature him in the Oprah Show. At the time Oprah and her crew came to India, Jerry had committed to work with a community of farmers in Maharashtra and hence Jerry declined Oprah's proposition to conduct an interview with him. Jerry wrote to Oprah “Thank you for your kind invitation. However my commitment to work with the farmers is more critical at this moment, as my work with the farmers may ensure they get the livelihood for this year. This is more important right now since the farmers who are committing suicide, are struggling to get their livelihood and live a life of dignity. Kindly do accept my apologies for being unable to take up your offer to feature me and my story. Thank you for reaching out to me and for your kind interest in our work.”

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From: Kayla McCormick
Date: Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:13 PM
Subject: Oprah Winfrey Show enquiry
To: Jeroninio
Dear Jeroninio,
I am a Chicago based producer who works for Oprah. Shantaram Author, Gregory David Roberts introduced me to your story (I hope this is your correct email address).
I would love to talk to you about your story. Is there a good number to reach you on, and a good time to call?
Please let me know.
Best Regards,
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From: Shantaram
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 5:21 PM
To: Kayla McCormick; Veronica Votypka
Cc: Jeroninio Almeida
Subject: Greg Roberts: Introduction to Jeroninio
Dear Kayla, Veronica, and Jeroninio,
Greg Roberts here, making an introduction between Kayla and Veronica, on one hand, and Jeroninio Almeida on the other.Jeroninio, Kayla and Veronica work at Miss Oprah Winfrey's production company, Harpo Studios. They're thinking of coming to Bombay to do some documentary shooting.
When they talked about Just and Noble Causes for Charity and Social Justice, yours is the first and most venerable name that came to mind.Kayla and Veronica, my inspiring friend, Jeroninio, is a man of great integrity and courage, who is an invaluable guide to the best work being done for charitable and social justice causes in India.
Jeroninio's number is: +91 9873 400262
You'll all get on very well, I'm completely sure, and wish you every success in your creative collaboration for the great causes of fairness, kindness and justice in India.
My best wishes,