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THIM is an Inspirational Oratory Program created and delivered by Jeroninio “Jerry” Almeida. Jerry is the bestselling author of the Karma Kurry – The Hero in Me book series and has signed the biggest book deal for 12 crores and created publishing history not just with the book deal but by also contributing the entire amount to social causes he espouses.
Jerry walks the talk and walks the walk and that is what makes him deliver 100x value with his inspirational speeches and leadership training programs. He has devoted a lifetime as a volunteer over the years from the age of 16, to discover heroes in the most unexpected places from around the world.
This manifested in his creating the JOY OF GIVING movement in 2003 and conceptualizing the coveted Karmaveer Awards to recognise real heroes when he hosted an event with HRH Prince Charles to recognise the Invisible Unsung Heroes who are doing great work silently to make a difference. The same stories are now being told by Jerry through the Karma Kurry book series, which are inspirational self helps books that make people wonder and think that if these heroes have the power and potential to do it, then I CAN too.
Jerry’s mission in life is to help people discover the huge potential within them to be heroes, leaders, volunteers, teachers & champions of change. He sincerely believe that Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG by helping people understand human and moral values, fulfill fundamental duties and experience the Joy of Giving. This in turn may help us to collectively create a legacy of a better world for future generations.
THIM is an inspirational talk that Jerry has been delivering the world over. He is a celebrated inspirational orator/ motivational speaker, master storyteller, intrepid missionary entrepreneur, firebrand social crusader, teacher, UN advisor, internationally certified leadership subject matter expert, trainer & coach and the worlds’ most innovative fundraiser and social entrepreneur. For over a decade Jerry has been at the forefront to successfully create and execute large format citizen movements like The JOY of GIVING, RIGHT every WRONG, Apeejay Karmayuga, Restaurants against Hunger, Keeda Hai Kya to Clean India? (Which has today inspired the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan), REX- Not Just TALKS, ideas for ACTION (the most pioneering wisdom and culturetainment forum in India) and the esteemed Karmaveer Awards. Jerry also founded the first ever citizen reporting and whistle blowing social media portal and and the first cause-related Bollywood movie to highlight the issue of dignity for people living with HIV was produced by Jerry. In 2008 Jerry collaborated with Onir to co-produce the national award winning movie “I AM” which was the first movie in India to raise funds through crowd sourcing over social media and the internet. More details about Jerry are on