The Hero in Me Oratory Program is a high energy INSPIRATIONAL talk, with real stories and adds real values to help people DISCOVER AND UNLEASH THE HERO WITHIN. There is a DEFINITE WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME. Jerry has delivered this program the world over to everyone from the age group of 7 to 70 + which includes corporate executives, business leaders, students, teachers, children etc. and we have received overwhelming response and the IMPACT has been huge. Jerry also does a lot of work with underserved communities and youth and the first skill training program to create jobs in Industry for the disabled and underserved Youth was conceptualized and created by Jerry in partnership with USAID. This has now become a National Skills Development program that has been adopted by several organisations. The core focus of Jerry’s work has been in helping people discover the optimum potential in them and then supporting them to apply it in all dimensions of their day to day lives to achieve powerful results and maximum impact. THIM is a talk that Jerry delivers over half a day or more wherein the audience is spell bound and on the edge of their chairs. Besides the highly inspirational talk that makes people STAND UP and WANT TO UNLEASH THEIR POTENTIAL, we also have a simple but powerful tools & skills workshop, built into the program to help people DISCOVER & UNLEASH THE HERO within.