These testimonials are indicative and from all sectors.

To hear Jerry Almeida speak, you’d think you were talking to an emerging marketing guru. Yusuf Begg in a national story in the Business Standard

In Delhi Even though some of the stuff you talk about seems too big for beginners like us; the fact that you’ve pulled it off belts out a strong “it’s doable” message which is far more motivating than just theory on power point. There were ideas that flashed through my mind as you detailed your experiences and it’s thanks to you that we pulled off a very successful ‘World Disability Day’ walk on the 3rd of December. In Dehradun You had a one-on-one going with everyone in the room, which is a rare skill! Jerry, you initiated change for the Latika Roy Foundation and made a difference in our way of thinking. Thank you for coming to us. Ms. Tara Dewan- Trustee, Latika Roy Foundation
When Jerry talks he speaks from the heart, lights a fire in your belly and ignites a spark for action in your mind. He is the most passionate orator I have seen in all my travels and deputation across the world. Mr. Francois Masoullie, Former First Secretary – Political for the European Union Mission in India, Charge D’Affaires of EU in Georgia & Author of Middle East Conflicts.
When we have training programs for our senior management they find excuses not to attend, but when it is Jerry we have people who make excuses to enroll in the program. Jerry makes it interesting by narrating simple yet powerful stories/ anecdotes for engaging people in the training session and does not make it boring or monotonous. Jerry is also a coach to me and core members in my Leadership – India Country Director of a Fortune 500 IT company (name undisclosed for confidentiality purposes apropos our coaching ethics)
With his powerful thought leadership and eloquent facilitation, Jerry helped the senior editorial and management team build a winning strategy together and for the first time Editorial and management are on the same page with various ideas. Mr. Shashi Shekhar – Editor in Chief , Hindustan Times.
This was a brilliant training workshop. Just the right stuff that one needs to learn to be a leader. Thank you. Ms. Meena Vaidyanathan, Head, External Communications, HCL Technologies Ltd.
We have received wonderful feedback from the students and the audience on your presentation and it kept them mesmerized throughout. It was our privilege to have you as a speaker of your stature. Mr. Rajarshi Ray, President - Net Impact Club, Indian school of Business (ISB)
You have trainers and then you have firebrand Rockstar trainers and Jerry is the biggest Rockstar. When Jerry trains, he connects and changes something within you. Dr. P. Giridharan- Jt. Director, Institute of Chartered Accountants in India.
Jerry helped us to create a focused vision despite having various agendas and agree to work together as one team rather than a network of several organizations. Luke Samson – Director- Indian Harm Reduction Network promoted by the Global Fund.
Jerry created interest in going beyond CSR and understanding Humane Capitalism for people working in PSUs who are members of the UN Global Compact and yet have little to show in terms of impact. PSU managers were just not interested in knowing how to create social impact with the funds they disburse. He took them on a journey in 3 days to understand sustainable development and not to just indulge in chequebook philanthropy. Late Dr. Subir Raha - Founder Chairman, UN Global Compact & Chairman ONGC.
One cannot help but admire all of Jerry’s work, ideas and thought leadership where he always make you think about how you can be the change and do your bit to make a difference.. He has been a great asset to our Bank and has helped us with our strategic and visioning planning to tap the potential market at the base of the pyramid CEO of an International Finance Conglomerate in India. (name undisclosed for confidentiality purposes apropos our coaching ethics)
Jerry has the gift of the voice and the domain knowledge when he speaks on any subject. Hearing him speak is like listening to gurus like Philip Kotler and Tony Robbins. It was a delightful experience. - Chairman, Indian Co-operative Bank Ltd. (Name undisclosed for confidentiality purposes apropos our coaching ethics)
It is a challenge to be on the same panel as Jerry and impress the audience. One cannot match up with his energy, style and speaking prowess. However one must admit that you feel absolutely rejuvenated after listening to Jerry. Jt. Managing Director, Indian Pharmaceuticals Company. (Name undisclosed for confidentiality purposes apropos our coaching ethics)
When they talk about Just and Noble Causes for Charity and Social Justice, yours is the first and most venerable name that came to mind. Jeroninio, is a man of great integrity and courage, who is an invaluable guide to the best work being done for charitable and social justice causes in India.- Mr. Gregory Roberts, Author of Shantaram
I consider his most significant strength to be his ability to analyze and lead complex businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Mr. Almeida is highly qualified as a management consultant & trainer. I rarely have encountered such an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, highly intelligent, person with outstanding leadership abilities as Mr. Almeida. He is a delight to work with and a wonderful human being. - Hon. Lester S Hyman, Chairman, Oxantium Venture Fund, Veteran Attorney at Law & Senior American Statesman.
Jerry is a consultant who not only trains your staff and empowers them to perform, but also teaches them to have fun and joy while they work. One of the rare management consultants who besides having brilliant oratory skills, also has a trained voice with the talent for singing and thus adds also value for the evening gatherings in a training program- Mr. E Menezes – MD & CEO, Cosme Mathias Menezes Ltd.
Your talk on “Corporate Governance and Business Integrity “during the 1st session was the most well attended of the Seminar and our faculty, staff and students are still talking about it. It was an honor for the JIMS community to be able to hear your thoughts and ideas. Prof. Bhushan Manchanda Associate Professor & Head, Corporate Affairs, Jagannath International Management School
Of all the training sessions I have attended while at Airtel and other organizations I have worked with, I learnt the most with you. Your involvement with all of us and attention to detail is marvelous. All the examples you gave and the experience you created made the learning easy and engaging. I do wish that we have more sessions with you and thank you for all the wonderful learning. I feel like a better person after learning with you. Senior Vice President- MNC Telecom Company (name undisclosed for confidentiality purposes apropos our coaching ethics)
Jerry is a wizard and mesmerizes you with his ideas and thought leadership. The best part is that he simplifies the most complex issues and provides solutions for sustainability and scalability. He has supported us to create our CSR strategy and facilitated the process of ensuring that all people in various levels of management have contributed to the process and built in joint ownership across board. Dr. Ashok Jhawar, Country Head- British Petroleum
I heard Jeroninio speak at the CSR forum organised by the US Embassy. He has some very provocative thoughts and ignites passion within the business community by making us all think that we can all change the world for the better. Timothy J. Roemer -United States Ambassador to India
Jeroninio Almeida shared their humane capitalism report with us and encouraged the first CSR & Corporate governance forum at Harvard Kennedy School with people from business & governance from the US and India through the US India Business Alliance. The forum was the birthplace for the world’s most ethical companies an idea that adopted principles from the Humane Capitalism report. Mr. Zachary Tumin, Executive Director JFK School of Government | Harvard University
• The session was very good. Some of the presentations were very good
• Jerry, you were the heart of the session
Thanks, - Mr. Venugoppal Tirmall, GreenPeace India
Hope all is well. Your presentation on the eventful day still fresh in the mind and it is going to be. You did it differently. I recollect what Shiv Khera said: Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.’ That’s what you did. Mr. Freddy Mendonsa- Founder & Director , Dimensions, Global Christian Chambers of Commerce
When I first heard of Jerry’s ability to engage one on one with each person even in large gatherings from friends at Dehradun, I thought it was being exaggerated. Then when I saw him training over 100 budding IAS officers at my behest in and having a persona one on one bonding with each of them I realized that here is god gifted trainer who has the ability to empathize and work with people, to give them simple solutions. I then saw a video of his where he was engaging with over 5000 people in a event and interacting with them to raise their voice against corruption. Very rarely one gets an opportunity to learn with such a gifted motivational speaker. Dr. Rakesh Kumar , Retired Bureaucrat & Diplomat and Director of the IAS academy at Mussourie.
I heard him speak at Entreprenet 2012, where 400 + delegates were present and he did a brilliant interactive job. Mr. Vivek Mendonca, Director, Lawrence & Mayo.
3 days training program - Foundations of Leadership was an eye opener for the effective working not only in professional set up but at personal set up as well. Jerry an impeccable and effective trainer meaningful content blessed with an art of engaging participants throughout the workshop. Reeti has an ability of articulating very complex concept in common man's language making learning from her intervention easy to apply in day to day operation.- Mr. Manoj Kumar Anand, Head, Bharti Learning Centre.
I had a good fortune of undergoing a Leadership Development training from Jerry. It has not only helped me become a better, more confident leader it has also facilitated the changes in climate and culture that the business needed to move forward. We now have team managers who are better equipped to make decisions and who understand the changes we are trying to implement. Regards- Mr. Arvind Raghav, Director, Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd.
I got a better perspective of how India and Indians work at the board meeting of PHFI where Jerry presented his paper. Dr. Amartya Sen- Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University
Jerry was very effective as a consultant and worked with our senior team at NACO to help us to streamline our country strategy. Ms. K. Sujatha Rao, Former Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India & Former Director NACO
I was invited to this fundraiser in London and I agreed to attend to learn more about the organisation. When Jerry took the stage and began talking about the cause, I could not stop myself from writing a cheque. Dr. Yusuf Khwaja Hamied – Founder & Chairman , Cipla.
I first became aware of ground realities in rural India face after my conversations with Jerry Almeida who has immense first person knowledge about the social issues people face in the India that is invisible to us in the International Community - Dr. L Chen Director of Global Equity Center, Harvard’s Kennedy School
Jerry and I were co-panelists in a Rotary conference. I was amazed with his knowledge and the way he stirred something within people by simply sharing his thoughts by giving pithy examples. Ms. Rohini Nilekani Chairperson, Akshara Foundation, Arghyam Trust, Pratham Books
Jerry you know I am a big fan of yours and every time I hear you speak, I am inspired to commit more time for social justice. I am also thankful to you for having shown us the way to straddle social work while we continue with our Business as usual as Corporate Executives. Ms. Meera Sanyal – Chairperson & Country Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland and Independent Candidate in 2009 elections South Mumbai, (a decision she made while speaking at the RIGHT every WRONG conclave 2008 after discussing with Jerry.)