Jeroninio‘s top Perfect10 Inspirational Oratory Programs

Based on Real Time Work done by Jerry. Besides the speeches given below Jerry shall also customise any challenging talk on any thematic subject given by the client. Jerry also speaks on Skilling the Youth, the Original Wisdom of India, NLP, Enneagram , Effective Sales Techniques and other themes (Check Speaking Themes)
1) The Hero in Me: THIM is the flagship Inspirational Oratory Program created and delivered by Jeroninio. THIM is a talk that Jerry delivers over half a day or more wherein the audience is spell bound and on the edge of their chairs when Jerry tells compelling stories of Real Heroes from his bestselling Karma Kurry- The Hero in Me book series. The Hero in Me Oratory Program is a high energy INSPIRATIONAL talk, with real stories and adds real values to help people DISCOVER AND UNLEASH THE HERO WITHIN. There is a DEFINITE WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME. Jerry has delivered this program the world over to everyone from the age group of 7 to 70 + which includes corporate executives, business leaders, students, teachers, children etc. and we have received overwhelming response and the IMPACT has been huge.. Besides the highly inspirational talk that makes people STAND UP and WANT TO UNLEASH THEIR POTENTIAL, we also have a simple but powerful tools & skills workshop, built into the program to help people DISCOVER & UNLEASH THE HERO within. THIM as an INSPIRATOR ORATORY & WORKSHOP is divided into 3 segments 1) The Journey of a Hero high energy talk. 2) Master Storytelling. 3) Heroic Potential workshop to discover and unleash the hero in you.
2) The Joy of Giving: How ethical cause related marketing ideas helped the change collective mindset for getting people involved with social causes. Jerry is the founder, creator and promoter of The Joy of Giving mission which he began in 2003 to encourage philanthropy for social justice. The mission over the years has created a huge mindset change at a mass level and more people in India have now begun getting involved with social causes and also supporting the right causes. The Joy of Giving has not only become a huge movement in India but is also being emulated across the world with missions like Giving Tuesday in the US and The Joy of Giving and Sharing in India. In this talk Jerry talks about the power of gratitude and how gratitude and giving changes everything for human being. How people gain more holistically when they give. Jerry also speaks about his other cause related philanthropy initiatives like The Magic Box on Jet Airways, 100 things that money cannot buy which he created with eBay in 2001 to celebrate 100 years of Chivas, The Exchange an orange crush campaign, and other compelling cause promotion ideas, movies, music albums and events he created to get people involved with social causes. Amongst other things, Jerry produced the first Bollywood movie to mainstream the issue of people living with HIV, and also co-produced the national award winning movie “I Am”, which is the first movie that raised funds through crowd sourcing in India and the first music video “Khushii- the joy of giving” to make people aware of child and community rights and issues. While the talk is held for all audiences, it makes a highly convincing talk for business strategy, advertising and marketing professional about thinking without the box to create ideas that have huge impact. (Jerry also does a compelling talk on The Message is the Media- Effective Brand Communications where he speaks about the God Campaign which he helped develop to attract people to church or his days as a Marketing Strategist to reposition and promote some of the country’s biggest brands)
3) Apeejay KarmaYuga: For years Jerry has been involved with promoting the culture of volunteering in India through Marathons, Events and other simple programs. He has create volunteering strategies and conducted volunteering trainings for people from GE, IBM, Accenture, ICICI, Citibank, RBS, CAT, Tata Group, Hindustan Unilever and several other organizations. Jerry was also invited as an advisor by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the UN to help promote a culture of volunteering with the youth. Jerry was also the UN ambassador for the International Year of Volunteering and delivered highly engaging keynote addresses in several UN Forums across the globe. Through Apeejay KarmaYuga, Jerry has now embarked on a mission to make volunteering an integral part of the Indian culture across all age groups. In this talk Jerry speaks about the benefits of volunteering to create a proactive, positive culture in a society or an organisation and how it helps people to become better leaders. It has been scientifically proven that volunteering benefits individuals to become more sensitive and develop insightful consciousness. Volunteering also leads to greater self awareness and builds more initiative and resourcefulness in people. This talk is a must for students, youth, teachers and executives working in the corporate, media, government and other sectors. You shall understand how volunteering makes a huge impact to help unleash your true potential.
4) Keeda Hai Kya to Clean India? For years since 2003, Jerry who has been speaking on ethical leadership in B-schools, IAS academies and corporate offices, has been taking people to clean the streets to help us understand human values like humility, simplicity and dignity of labour and fulfill our fundamental duties. In mid 2014 he began influencing the current PMO through his friends in BJP and through social media to awaken people to clean India and thus began the Swachh Bharat Mission and Challenge. We need to cleanse from deep within and not just clean superficially. Keeda Literally means insect. However in local slang used in Bombay- the Maximum City of India, Keeda denotes over enthusiasm or the zeal to walk on the path less trodden. Variation: Suleimani Keeda (Big Keeda). “Eg. He has a Keeda (or Suleimani Keeda) to always stand up, speak out and do the right thing.”. The idea of Keeda Hai Kya is to clean the country of all social ills, evils and bad traditions. #KeedaHaiKya Desh Saaf Karne Ka (a long term initiative to clean and cleanse India by addressing dirtiness, lack of dignity, eve teasing , hunger, corruption and all social ills and evils). We feel humbled that #ShriNarendraModi is now inspired to make this a mandatory national movement and has adopted our idea to invite, influence, inspire and challenge #citizensofIndia to #cleanseIndia. through #SwachhBharatAbhiyan which has taken the country by storm. Jerry through iCONGO’s RIGHT every WRONG mission, also was the first to launch the fight against corruption in partnership with the UN and the process for electoral reforms which was created with electoral experts from across the world under the patronage of former Chief election Commissioners Mr. James Michael Lyngdoh and Mr, Krishnamurthy. The process and policy document to move from first past the post to the proportionate representation electoral system was then given to the serving CEC, Mr. S. Y. Quraishi who was so inspired that he set up a committee within a week to look into the process and implement the ideas. Jerry was also involved with the no criminals and the Reclaim Power electoral campaign in Goa that helped to rid the Goa Government of thieves and thugs in elected positions. This is a powerful talk that highlights real time work and inspired citizen action to reclaim People Power. This would inspire every citizen to understand their role and responsibility and power to be and lead the change.
5) Speak to INSPIRE! REX- Not Just Talks, Ideas for Action: The ability to communicate well has been considered to be one of the top two skills for any leader, but public speaking is also the #1 fear for mots people. Even death is more acceptable than Public speaking for many. Many leaders across different levels, even CEOs are cramped by a fear of speaking in front of audiences, or struggle to get their points of view across. This life-altering workshop converts even the most reticent person into a compelling & charismatic speaker. Jerry begins by explaining why people are afraid to speak, showing attendees the deep rooted reasons why every human is hardwired to be nervous and anxious in front of audiences. He guides attendees through a process at the end of which even the most nervous person will be well on his way to becoming a confident speaker and communicator. This session also helps attendees understand their own psyche, develop a convincing communication plan and convert it into a compelling speaking session. Jerry teaches the basic fundamentals of constructing a compelling story which positions them as an expert whom people would want to listen to and learn from. He shows them how to engage with every member of the audience, handle questions and leave the audience with a persuasive call to action.
Jerry who is the founder and curator of REX - the oldest wisdom, culturetainment and knowledge forum has for years coached CEOs, CXOs, Veteran & Young Parliamentarians/ Politicians for highly effective presentation, communication and public speaking skills. People who have been coached by Jerry have become great presenters and public speakers, by utilizing Jerry’s indigenously created simple but high impact tools and skills to develop the mindset of Rockstar Speaker. Jerry coaches people to focus more on the character of content and not just on the razzmatazz or the styling of a speaker. We must remember a speaker who has no content lacks conviction in his delivery and Jerry prepares people to use his simple tools and skills to develop the right character of content for a speech and deliver the talk with courage of conviction, subject matter expertise, extempore extrapolation, connecting stories, panache and pizzazz. This has made all the difference in the communication skills of several people coached by Jerry, who has now agreed to also deliver 2 day talks and workshops to enable the many. CEOS and CXOs coached by Jerry are so grateful for Jerry’s Speak to Inspire coaching which has made them hugely confident. Given below are some testimonials by CXOs coached by Jerry
Hey Jerry, thanks a lot for the sessions. Was thoroughly enlightening. Haven't been particularly fond of public speaking and have a lot of stage fright... But the way u conducted these programs I feel I can be a lot better and could feel the improvement in my presentation skills over these 2 days.Thanks a lot for the immense and invaluable motivation. Now I will definitely practice a lot based on all that u taught us. I read a bit about you online...Man U have achieved so much and the best is u focus so much on raising money for whom it's most needed. We spoke about humility in the sessions...Jerry u r humility personified. I am going to read all your books. Do keep in touch and put me on your mailing list. Best Regards, - CEO of a MNC Bank Dear Jerry, Namaste! So nice of u to keep a check on me ! It's going great. I practice when I am driving as I am alone. The primary thing for me was getting over the anxiety and stage fright. And then of course to be effective. Today I had to do a presentation to our new MD...can't remember the last time I presented without skipping a heart beat ! It went off very well. I have to ensure that I keep practising so that I don't lose this new found confidence... Thanks so much Jerry. Can't describe what a world of good u have done to me.- CFO of a MNC Telecom Company.
6) Humane Business; Going beyond Lip Service CSR: For over a decade now Jerry has been consulting with several MNCs and Indian Businesses including PSUs to help them with their Humane Business strategies. One of the first promoters of involved and ethical CSR in India, Jerry was also invited by the late Mr. Subir Raha to conduct the first workshop on CSR for the UN Global Compact members. Today Jerry has created several cutting edge Humane Business Strategies and speaks to Business Leaders across the globe on the need to move beyond Lip Service CSR and do something that long and lasting Impact.
7) Karishma – The Miracle Within : Based on Jerry’s trilogy of international books that shall be published by Hay House soon, this talk is about how to unleash the miracle within each human being. Jerry tells us about how each and all of us are born with the greatness and the same birth gifts and how we can open each of these gifts to unleash our true worth and optimum potential. Substantiated with COMPELLING LIVE example of people who have transformed their lives, albeit being born with several deficiencies , disabilities (physical and mental) or losing their abilities in the course of life, Jerry delivers a compelling and thought provoking talk on how we can all achieve even the impossible. The talk also brings in powerful thoughts and elements from his other books Kranti- Revolutionary Thought Leadership and Karma – The Joy of Giving.
8) The Virtue of Selfishness – Be Selfish, Be the Change: When we do something to create a legacy of a better world, it is not really selfless but selfish because we also have our own future generations who shall benefit from a better world. In this talk Jerry tells us how and why selfishness is a virtue and how each of us, will contribute more towards creating a better society and world, when we understand the virtue of selfishness.
9) Ethical Leadership- the RIGHT every WRONG generation: In India today majority of our youth is below the age of 25. We need to harness the energy of this youth to do RIGHT in the journey of life and work towards creating a society that celebrates human values, fulfills fundamental duties and becomes voices of dissent and voices of conscience. In this compelling talk Jerry speaks to the youth, students and young executives about the need to stand up and speak out against wrongs in our world and to get involved without any embarrassment in the process of change. Jerry gives compelling examples of youngsters who are breaking the mould by being the change to make a difference in our world.
10) The 9th Habit: One of Jerry’s most uplifting talks which stimulates the mind, body, heart and soul, the 9th Habit is Jerry’s tribute to his most favourite thought leader Dr. Stephen Covey. The 9th Habit is the habit of transformation. How each of us needs to be SAVED and then help others to get SAVED. SAVED is an acronym for SKILLS, ATTITUDE, VALUES, ETHICS and DEEDS. In this talk Jerry explains how we need to unpack these 5 elements to UNDERSTAND the way to live a life of purpose, gratitude and daily contributions. This talk has inspiring and influential new thoughts from Jerry’s books in the Heroic Greatness moJOsh series “Once there was me”, “Leading a Mission with a Dead Mouse” and “The Hero in Me”.
1. The Hero In Me
2. Karma Kurry Storytelling – Inspiring Stories of Real Heroes, Unsung Uncommon Heroes & Leaders who are making a difference in our world.
3. Stretch-ability to be more and do more.
4. Karishma- The miracle with the Joy of Transformation
5. Karma - The Joy of Giving
6. Kranti- Revolutionary Thought Leadership
7. KarmaYuga – The need for the Right every Wrong Generation
8. Ethical Leadership with accountability for longevity and sustainability.
9. Humane Capitalism – Going Beyond CSR
10. The Whole Person – not just human resources or capital
11. Missionary Entrepreneurship- How purpose changes the game in all ventures!
12. Not Just Teachers- awakeners, enlighteners and transformers. (For Schools/ Colleges)
13. Team Building through relationships and Shared values.
14. The Power of Ideas for Action.
15. The Power of Purpose
16. The Character Code- how human values empower
17. Paradigm Shift- Changing mindsets for effective results.
18. Leading a mission with a mouse – a dead mouse! (all about grit, resourcefulness and determination .. leadership lessons from the Jataka Tales / other fables and how they can be applied to organisation building through resourcefulness, not resources)
19. The need for conflict and differing views to make progress.
20. The spirit of Innovation.
21. How Selfishness is a virtue if embedded in the act of betterment of humanity?
22. The Art of Inspirational Oratory – Not just Motivation, Inspiration. (Currently I coach a few CXOs and Parliamentarians one to one, for effective public speaking and presentation skills. I have a indigenous format and course that I have created to help people become effective with their presentation skills and this course can also be done as a one to many training program )
23. Be The Mahatma- I change to Change India.
24. Public Diplomacy (For Embassies or Ministries of External Affairs
25. Cause Related Marketing
26. Robust brands built on strong brand values.
27. The 9th Habit (Enable People to get SAVED)- A tribute to Dr. Stephen Covey
…. and any other theme can be customised based on the client’s require. (The art of fundraising, Effective Social Communications, Discover your personality through the Enneagram, Leadership Skills, Business Culture in India, Visioning for Strategy & Execution, Understanding Happiness, NGO management, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Community Building, Environment & Climate Change, Eastern and Indian Wisdom,
P.S. I have also collaborated with Shri. Milkha Singh to do a special talk on true josh and junoon to achieve one’s purpose. Milkhaji is our mascot for The Fastest Indian hunt to train young students for the Olympic.