The website is created with collective efforts by Aman Vaidya, Bakhtawar Brar, Sahil Malhotra, Rohan Shourie and Hunar Brar, missionary entrepreneurs and volunteers, who were earlier mentored by Jeroninio Almeida (Jerry). Jerry is an eminent, highly sought and celebrated Inspirational Orator/ Motivational Speaker, internationally certified and revered Leadership Specialist/ Trainer and Life/ Executive Coach maverick, strategy & execution focused Management Consultant and a firebrand, intrepid Missionary Entrepreneur & Citizen Activist. Jerry is also the Best-selling Author of the “Karma Kurry” – Bestseller Book series, which has a foreword by the one and only Madiba (Mr. Nelson Mandela). This was the last foreword written by Madiba for any book. Within this website, one finds details of Jerry’s several avatars. Given below on this page are some salient bullet points about Jerry and his bestselling book series Karma Kurry.
1. Jeroninio created / founded The Joy of Giving movement in 2003. Joy of Giving has now become huge in India and is also being emulated in the US and Europe. He created the first face to face and MLM fundraising teams in India (Business Today magazine dubbed this initiative as the Almeida Way). Today, the Joy of Giving movement raises over 500 crores (over 100 mn. USD) every year for several causes and non-profit organisations.
2. Jerry is also the creator/founder of the REX CONCLiVE (earlier called the RIGHT every WRONG Conclave), the first and foremost WISDOM and CULTURETAINMENT forum in the world, to focus on ideas for action and impact for social good, KarmaVeer - the first global awards for social justice and citizen action, Right every Wrong movement and KarmaYuga initiatives. Last year Jerry also inspired the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan - the Clean India Mission
3. Jerry is empanelled as Subject Matter Expert, Principal Consultant and Master Trainer with Franklin Covey- India and South Asia. Headquartered in the US, Franklin Covey is the world’s biggest Leadership training, consulting and coaching mission. Jerry has written several leading edge white papers/ case studies on Leadership for Franklin Covey.
4. As an Inspirational Orator/ Leadership Specialist Coach, Jerry has a 95 % hit rate of 4.8 out of 5 on overall ratings (communication, subject knowledge, engagement, enthusiasm) and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 % with participant groups ranging from 25 – 1000 people. In his learning programs, Jerry offers highly valuable insight from his travels, experiences and learning from people from across the globe. Jerry who works closely with people from 7 to 70+, helping them to discover the hero within with his flagship talk THE HERO IN ME. He enables us to live a life of purpose by sensing and unleashing our IMMENSE POWER within us.
5. Jerry has been training and mentoring large groups from the age of 17 when he created and trained large direct sales / business development/ marketing teams for banks, credit cards, financial products, telecom companies and other businesses. His basic intent has always been to help people achieve their true optimum potential and find their creative excitement as individuals and then to build collective enthusiasm as teams for all the work they undertake. Jerry helps and enables people to achieve their PEAK PRODUCTIVITY as human beings and professionals, by doing good while they do well. In his learning sessions, Jerry shares his valuable insights and stories from around the world, gathered in his journey of 29 years of experience working with people to enable them achieve their personal and professional goals effectively.
6. Over the past 28 years, Jerry has addressed and positively influenced over 1.5 million people through LIVE interactions and 10s of million people across the world, through his appearances on TV and features in media. His talks have inspired several people to practice their human values and duties as citizens, humanitarians, leaders, teachers and real everyday heroes. Jerry once addressed a large gathering of over 25,000 people in a Rock/ Jazz Music concert and people were so enthralled that his talk duration for a 10 minute speech, was extended for over 90 minutes , after people kept requesting for an encore.
7. Jerry has through his trainings/ speeches/ consulting sessions worked with Senior Leaders, Middle Management and Young officers in Fortune 500 & 100 companies, MNCs, Family owned Business Houses, PSEs, SMEs, INGOs, UN organisations, Rotary/ YEO / TiE chapters. He has also spoken in forums and convocation ceremonies organised by schools, colleges and B-schools like Harvard, Insead, IIM, IIT, Shriram, ISB, IPER, MDI, Sadhana, Soil etc. Jerry is very passionate about enabling and empowering everyone to discover their OPTIMUM POTENTIAL, ABSOLUTE RESOURCEFULNESS and PEAK PRODUCTIVITY to transform their lives for the better. He is also very passionate about the sessions he conducts for teachers in schools / colleges/ B-schools across the world.
8. Jerry has coached members of Leaderships Teams and Senior Management groups, and consulted with Projects and People in businesses, media, not for profit, UN and government organisations based in over 63 countries of all 7 continents. Jerry has also worked as an advisor with the US and UK government and Foreign Offices and has done some cutting edge work with them. Jerry dedicates 10-15 weekends every year to work with grassroots communities like farmers, artisans, craftspeople and self-help groups/ village entrepreneurs in rural India to help them articulate and execute their plans for sustainability. Jerry has done some highly successful interventions with grassroots communities, including the Caring Capital model he created with Neelima Mishra (Magsaysay award recipient- 2011), for which he received the Magsaysay award nomination in the same year as Neelima.
9. Jerry works as an Executive/ Life Coach with a selected few veteran ministers, some young parliamentarians, several CEOs/CXOs, senior executives of Leadership Teams, young entrepreneurs, students to help them achieve their OPTIMUM POTENTIAL, ABSOLUTE RESOURCEFULNESS and PEAK PRODUCTIVITY with creative enthusiasm in their personal and professional lives.
10. Jerry is an eternal self learning, knowledge & wisdom junkie and a certified master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), EnneaGram of personality, Gestalt therapy, Hypnotherapy and Logo-therapy. Jerry is a keen observer and learner of Eastern and Western Wisdom like Reiki, Kaizen, Hypnotherapy, human & organisation behavior, social sciences, ancient sciences, neurosciences and rare literature. He is also a learner of Eastern and Western philosophers like Swami Vivekananda, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Kabir, Bulleshah, Socrates, Voltaire, Plato, Aristotle, Paulo Freire, Richard Bach, Dr. Viktor Frankl, Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Stephen Covey and others. Jerry adopts the Socratic Learning Method in most of his leadership trainings. He is also a trained facilitator for learning methods like Appreciative Enquiry, World Café, Organization Workshop, Future Search, MBTI, ISABSs, Laughter Yoga, Breath-works, System Behavior, Vippasana meditation, Public Speaking, Situational Leadership, Circle 360, T Group Process, Social Network Analysis, Executive and Life Coaching, Law of Attraction, Positive Affirmation, Missionary Entrepreneurship (an entrepreneurship learning model created by Jerry) and other learning program concepts.
11. Jerry has also created his own mystical learning program on the most FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF TRANSFORMATION. Most people fear change and get left behind. However when we feel the JOY OF TRANSFORMATION and seek to discover and embrace change, it changes everything for the better. This is being penned in his book Karishmaa - The Miracle within.
12. Jerry was the mastermind for conceptualizing and implementing the Reclaim People Power campaign in Goa. The campaign was designed to sensitize people to cleanse public office of the thieves and thugs who were in positions of authority. This successful & effective campaign is now being emulated in other states of India and set the stage to clean up the political scenario in India with electoral reforms and anti corruption movements.
13. Jerry is a missionary entrepreneur who is the founder of the International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO) and several other social ventures.
14. Jerry produced EK ALAG MAUSAM, the first Public Advocacy Bollywood Movie (Cause Cinema) to address the issue of dignity for people living with HIV. This movie triggered the cause cinema business model for Bollywood. In 2008, Jerry set up the first Public Advocacy Movies Venture Fund, and co-produced the national award winning movie “I AM”, for which 75% of the funds were raised through crowd sourcing over social media.
15. In his earlier avatar, Jeroninio was a serial entrepreneur and has successfully built out of the box pioneering businesses in advertising, event management, direct marketing, integrated marketing services, dotcoms, e-Commerce, movie marketing, media & entertainment, movie productions, music publishing and venture capital. He has also advised and led strategies to execution planning for several companies.
16. Jerry has received nominations for prestigious awards and fellowships like the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Eisenhower Fellowships, Yale World Fellows Program and the Young Global Leaders by World Economic Forum to name a few. However, Jerry as a principle follows a strict no awards policy, since he does not believe in lobbying and rallying for awards. Jerry has also created the Karmaveer Awards - Global Awards for social justice and citizen action, instituted in partnership with the UN, where anyone who is making a difference in our world, can just apply and earn the honour without any rallying or lobbying.
17. Jerry is passionate about working with Teachers in schools and colleges and dedicates a few days every month to learn with Teachers. He has created a compelling talk for teachers titled “Not just Teachers, awakeners, enlighteners and transformers because teachers can change the future for the betterment of the world”. The idea is to help teachers feel the pride and power of how they can change the world, by influencing children and youth to practice human values and fulfill duties as citizens. This was the primary reason Jerry got into the vocation of learning and development as he wants to help every individual achieve their true human potential by developing holistic skills to live a life of meaning and purpose. Jerry’s nutshell mission statement, which he wrote when he was 17, is “To create a legacy of a better world for future generations”.
18. The late Mr. Subir Raha, the legendary Business Leader and former CMD of ONGC, commented about Jerry in his feedback, after Jerry’s keynote address for the first UN Global Compact meeting in India. Quote, “Jerry we get full value for money with you as our consultant. Besides getting great insights from you in the workshop, you also made the evening gathering pleasant and mirthful with your soulful singing and light hearted humor. In the midst of an intensive lecture, session where you are inspiring us with your eloquent concepts and insights on CSR and Humane Capitalism, we also got complimentary doses of laughter, thanks to your delightful tongue in cheek but wicked sense of humour. Jerry you not only outclass most as a Motivational Speaker, but you also stand out and can hold your own in any international stand-up comic act.” Unquote.
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Jerry has just completed a book on leadership and is writing several other self books besides telling stories of real heroes from the world over, through the bestselling Karma Kurry book series. The reprint and hard cover special edition of the Karma Kurry book series has endorsements for the book, from living legends like Prof. Noam Chomsky, Dr. Phil Zimbardo and others as given below.
These heroic stories must be read by all children and youth in schools, colleges and Universities. The Karmaveer stories I heard from Jerry, inspired me to begin the Heroic Imagination Project despite our not having financial resources, since the right every wrong mission also began the discovery of heroes without any funding and they have sustained it purely on determination and resourcefulness. - Dr. (Prof.) Philip Zimbardo – Founder of the Heroic Imagination Project and Living Legend know for his Stanford Prison Experiment, Lucifer Effect
When Jerry presents his stories and thoughts, one gets insights from thousands of books, places, people and villages - Dr. Amartya Sen - Nobel Laureate, Economist and Author.
I like the Karma and Right every Wrong mission that balances ethical whistle blowing with telling stories of real heroes to inspire change champions and voices of dissent to challenge status quo. – Prof. Noam Chomsky- the world’s leading voice of dissent, philosopher, cognitive scientist, political commentator, linguist and author.
Karma Kurry is a great read for children as their thinking can be moulded by the inspiring stories of so many different people who made an ordinary journey in life become extraordinary for not just themselves but so many others along the way.- Ms. Pooja Kapur – Author, Actionist Resource Person for social causes and Parenting Expert.
The winds of change are sweeping through the air and Jeroninio, through his book, tells us that you and I, as ordinary individuals, can be that change.... – Ms. Sarah D’souza - Teacher.
Karma Kurry is an enjoyable read that makes you smile. It’s a balm to the senses, an inspiration and a great reminder of the goodness and greatness we are all surrounded by! - Ms. Mini Menon- Author – ‘Riding the Wave’, Journalist and TV News Personality.
Karma Kurry touches the very core of Individual Social Responsibility' with its Inspiring mix of stories about unheard and untold about Real Life Heroes, who have dared to 'Make a Difference' rather than stay 'Indifferent'- Ms. Payal Kapur Sharma - Co- Founder TASC , passionate about social causes.
‘There’s history in all people’s lives. If well narrated it has the power to inspire and uplift millions. Karma Kurry is an inspiration for India’s children and youth’ – Mr. Dilip Thakore, Editor EducationWorld and President Children First Party of India.