Jerry’s Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles (Jerry’s purpose in his lifetime and beyond) In a nutshell:

Together as ONE we can RIGHT every WRONG and experience the priceless Joy of Giving. This can only happen by helping each other to understand and practice human and moral values. Each and every human being also needs to realise and fulfill her or his fundamental duties as citizens
The Hero in me! Jerry inherently believes there is a Hero har Dil Mein (A hero in every heart.) He aims to help people discover the huge potential within them to be heroes, leaders, volunteers, teachers & champions of change. Jerry has a dream to enabling the heroic greatness in 7 billion bravehearts.
Jerry invests his time in Helping people to become more, do more and lead more by go beyond being just a good person and becoming a better humanitarian, a better citizen who in turn inherently becomes a better professional and thus contribute in the mission of encouraging social justice by inspiring citizen action for creating a legacy of a better world for future generations . This was something Jerry wrote at the age of 17 while volunteering to work with children of sex workers in Kamathipura – Bombay’s sex work district (and Jerry’s leadership and life school) with a clear thinking that if he does not do something to make the world better, then his own children and family in the future, shall also inherit a unsafe, irresponsible, unjust, unequal and inhumane world.
To help all people Jerry meets and interacts with to become most conscientious & effective leaders at home in the family, at work with all associates and in our community/ society with all other citizens. Jerry believes that in the long term our consciousness and effectiveness as leaders and heroes shall enable us to work in harmony with each other towards creating a legacy and fulfilling a vision of a safe, responsible, just, egalitarian & humane world.
In detail: Enable all People to discover that everyone has the same potential like every human being in this world to be a Leader, a Hero, a Volunteer, a Teacher and a Champion of Change.
Jerry sincerely believes that each and every human being is blessed with the same potential and gifts. The only concern being that only some people (10% of humanity) open all their gifts and go beyond the ordinary, while most others stifle their potential, leave the gifts unopened and settle for life less ordinary. Question to regularly ask oneself is “Am I existential or Am I ALIVE?” and acknowledge the basic truth of one’s life. This changes everything! Consulting, Learning, Leadership Coaching and Writing, is Jerry’s chosen vocation, mission & cause for engaging and working with people to unleash their true potential and open their own gifts day after day for discovering the hero, leader, teacher and champion of change within themselves. Jerry hopes his simple intervention shall enable them to EXCEL in all spheres of life for accomplishing their own dreams and purposes in their lifetime. Jerry believes that, it is not enough for any of us to just be a good person, because we also need to be better citizens, better humanitarians, better family members and better professionals with high ethical standards & values to practice Individual Social Responsibility and fulfill our fundamental duties as citizens.
Jerry has innately understood & believed from his days as a teenager, that the greater purpose of life is not to just create wealth for oneself and one’s family, but that life is to be lived for our greater purpose. Jerry’s greater purpose of life is to create and leave behind a legacy of a better world for future generations where there is social equity, a better world and environment for one and all. With this belief as his bedrock, Jerry always strives to excel and become more effective as a human being and a citizen, to add value and create impact in the shared learning space, with a duty to enable others to also become more responsible & effective in all dimensions of life. Jerry has always been and continues being hands-on to make a positive contribution for the betterment of humanity and society.
Jerry’s constant endeavor and goal has been towards creating a responsible, ethical work atmosphere & community, where he can leave every person much better than he found them. Jerry believes that this in turn shall contribute towards building a vision a more safe, just, egalitarian, humane & responsible society, nation & world.” Jerry also works with Teachers because he sincerely feels that we are not just teachers, but awakeners, enlighteners and transformers, because teachers can see, touch and change the future and thus need to understand the pride and responsibility as a teacher. Jerry also believes that each and every one of us can be a caring, conscientious teacher in every role as a parent, friend, work associate etc. We must remember when we do something to create a better world, it shall benefit us and our families, and hence it is not selfless or altruistic but the basic responsibility of every human being. Jerry favorite Native Americans quote embodies this spirit, “Service is the rent we pay to occupy our space on Earth. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.
Jerry says that “if each of us is not doing something to create a better world, then there is no one else to blame, but OURSELVES for the sorry state of the world. So let us be selfish care for our own good and contribute towards creating a better world. If we want love, respect and trust, we must give love, respect and trust and also understand that the gratification when we give in the form of the joy of giving is priceless and nothing in the world can compare with that joy and happiness which we feel internally.”
Jerry’s guiding principles and values
Humility: Have integrity and courage of conviction to treat everyone with equal respect every day. A Minister, Waiter, Janitor, Teacher, Priest, Captain of Industry, Beggar, Transgender, Homosexual or any person from any walk of life has to be treated with equal respect. Humility cannot be assumed or superficial and has to be practiced daily.
Integrity: Always do what you say and stand for the right with humility and courage of conviction to understand and know what is right and what is wrong. What is ethically and morally right should always be more important than what is legally right based on principles of humanity.
Courage of Conviction: If you see any wrong doing or malpractice, no matter who the person or organisation is or how powerful the person or organisation is, stand up and speak out against the wrongdoing, with all humility and integrity.
The other guiding principles Jerry values in absolute terms are Gratitude, Sincerity, Responsibility, Contentment, Happiness, Fun, Honesty of Purpose, Seriousness of Intent, Strength of Character and Joy of Giving. Truth also matters in absolute terms because our country's mission statement is Satya Meva Jayate and the truth can never be half or compromised.